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Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

Listen here, I am not addicted to coffee and I can stop whenever I want. I just have a strong appreciation for the perfectly brewed cup-o-joe using preciously roasted coffee. I’d say “To each their own” but I have a feeling you’re here because you want that same experience. Unfortunately, we have finally sold out of our coffee and will be retiring the roaster for the foreseeable future. A huge thanks to everyone for support Aspire Coffee.

Who runs the show

Scott Boeckner

My name is Scott Boeckner, founder of Aspire Coffee Roasters. I moved from Minnesota in 2019 where I fell in love with the little town of Greybull, WY. I started roasting coffee, shortly after I got out of school, in a small bread machine that I revamped to roast coffee in. I roasted hundreds of pounds on that little roaster all the while of learning about the art and craft of coffee.

We now roast on a gas drum roaster that we purchased from Mill City Roaster, which allows us to roast more precise and dive into the science of the roasting process in coffee. I absolutely love the art of roasting coffee and crafting the perfect espresso or black coffee to pull out the natural flavor profiles that every coffee has to offer.


I don't have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it.